Types of Fencing – A Guide to Fencing Materials

Installing a fence around your commercial or residential property is a great way to increase the privacy, security and aesthetic around your land. After you’ve determined what type of fencing is required to suit your needs, you must then identify which fencing material will lend you the most benefits. A-1 Fencing specializes in pairing property owners with the reliable fencing material that meets their desired levels of privacy, security, durability and visual appeal. We’ve created a guide that briefly describes the benefits associated with seven specific types of fencing materials that you may consider for your property.

The A-1 Guide to Fencing Materials

Wood Fencing

A classic wooden fence is by far the most popular fencing choice for homeowners throughout the country. Varieties range from long-lasting cedar to beautiful redwood and teak options. Wood fences are often naturally durable and can resist damage from weather and insects. Treated wood is also an affordable option that provides privacy and security.

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Chain-link Fencing

This fencing material is great for preventing animals and people from crossing your property line. Single rolls of chain can stretch up to 50-ft long and 12-ft high. Weather resistant and easy to maintain, chain-link fencing is an ideal security solution for properties like schools, public parks and playgrounds.

Metal Fencing

Fencing materials are available in a variety of metals including iron, aluminum and steel. These materials will vary in price, durability and required maintenance. Steel and wrought or cast-iron fences will lend extreme durability but they will require more routine maintenance than the more affordable yet high-quality aluminum alternatives that won’t rust or corrode.

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Decorative/Ornamental Fencing

From affordable to luxurious, property owners can take advantage of metal fencing materials to create decorative and ornamental property borders. Customized wrought iron fencing is a secure option that makes a strong statement while aluminum fencing is an affordable way to install an attractive decorative fence that provides marginal security and requires limited maintenance.

Farm Fencing

Fences installed on farms typically prioritize function over fashion. These fences are made of wiring that keeps animals contained inside the property while preventing other animals from entering the land.

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Composite Fencing

Not all property boundaries rest on flat, even surfaces. Thankfully, composite fencing can adapt to the contours of your land and create a secure border. Composite fencing, though ranging in price, is manufactured as a wood/plastic hybrid that delivers a wooden appearance without the risk of degradation from rot or insects.

Synthetic Fencing

Synthetic materials like PVC or vinyl are great options for property owners seeking a fence material that is virtually maintenance-free. For instance, vinyl fencing is an attractive alternative to wooden fencing that provides security and privacy that will not rot, fade or degrade with time.

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High-Quality Materials from A-1 Fencing

A-1 Fencing does not compromise on performance which is why we only use fencing materials from the best brands in the industry. All of our metal, wood, composite and synthetic fencing and gate materials are produced by trusted manufacturers like EP Henry, Trex, AZEK, Cambridge and more. The fences we’ve installed throughout Maryland and DC have withstood extreme use and heavy weather conditions without compromising safety, security or privacy. We will design and build each project with strict attention to detail to ensure that your new or replacement fence meets and exceeds your needs.

Call the highly experienced fencing specialists at A-1 today to learn more about the flexible payment options we offer for all residential and commercial fencing projects. Our reliable materials, quality workmanship and exceptional customer service will immediately demonstrate the reputation for excellence A-1 Fencing has earned.