Once thought of as an entrance to a mansion or an estate, driveway gates are growing in popularity among a wider variety of residential property types these days. There are multiple reasons to install a driveway gate and homeowners are discovering the investment is just as valuable as the benefits.

Enhanced Protection of Privacy

If your home is located on a busy street or has pedestrian traffic, a driveway gate can afford you both added safety and privacy. It also acts as a good added boundary for the safety of children and pets. Along with the additional street protection, a driveway gate attaches to a perimeter fence, can help alleviate worries of people entering your property uninvited

By opting for an automatic gate system, you can conveniently provide remote access to visitors and enter your property without exiting your car. This automatic control feature also ensures the gate closes after entry.

Further, by installing a solid walled gate you can increase your privacy, eliminating opportunities for peering eyes should you value less exposure to your yard, home and outdoor activities.

Heightened Security

A driveway gate deters unsolicited sales persons, flyer hangers and other uninvited callers. It also discourages criminal activity as the electric gate eliminates easy access to the home.

Another security option is to install an intercom and a surveillance camera at the gate – identifying visitors before allowing entrance. These options offer the capability of control from a telephone or other electronic devices.

Return on Investment

An automatic driveway gate boosts curb appeal and adds value to your property. In addition, most major insurers offer discounts with the installation of driveway security gates so besure to discuss this with your insurance advisor. It is easy to customize the gate with an artistic design and lighting that furthers curb appeal to your home. These additional elements will likely add to the appeal and stature of the property.

Wide Variety of Designs

A driveway gate can be a double or a single size entry. There are features that split into a pedestrian entrance as well as accommodating vehicles. The double entry or pedestrian designs work particularly well with a wide driveway.

In addition, there are different designs and materials to choose from, such as:

  • Wood
  • Wrought Iron
  • Steel
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum

When deciding on the best material for your needs, schedule a free consult with one an A-1 Fencing expert to discuss your options.  Our fence and gate installation can explain the durability and environmental impact of each material.

Choices also include a double or a single swing gate or sliding gate. The operation of swing gates has a choice of manual or automatic. However, the operation of a sliding gate is only available as an automatic entry.

A driveway gate adds privacy, security and curb appeal to your residential property. Whatever style or design you prefer, the benefits of adding a driveway gate can be a wise investment for your residential property.

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