A-1 Fencing Response to COVID-19

At A-1 Fencing, we are actively and continuously following the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak globally and in the U.S. As we navigate COVID-19, we are mindful of the social and economic impacts our response to this situation can have on our employees, subcontractors, suppliers, trades, craft workers, customers and communities.

In alignment with our core values, we continue to make safety a top priority. We are taking appropriate steps to mitigate exposure to this new virus and to maintain transparent communications. As a company, we recognize the need to reduce the spread and potential exposure to COVID-19.

We are continuing to follow relevant local and federal guidelines in our offices and on our projects, and we are working collaboratively with our clients and partners in each market to manage this unprecedented situation.

Construction project safety
A-1 Fencing key focus always is to provide a safe and healthy working environment on all our projects. We are working actively to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on our employees and operations, while continuing to advance construction projects wherever they are deemed essential by relevant local and state authorities, and our clients.

A-1 Fencing is designed and implemented to provide a safe working environment for all workers on all our projects.

A-1 Fencing has implemented additional health and safety measures and precautions to address COVID-19 specific exposure risks, including:

  • providing additional alcohol-based hand sanitizer and wash stations
  • requiring and enforcing social distancing
  • enforcing a Zero-Tolerance for Working Sick Policy
  • increased and enhanced cleaning and sanitizing by third-party specialist cleaning contractors of high touch surfaces, high traffic areas, equipment, tools and vehicles
  • reinforcing remote working and shift rotations, where possible
  • strengthened glove policy requirements, mandating the use of “coated gloves” at all times
  • mandating additional PPE where construction activity does not permit adequate social distancing
  • new screening measures at jobsite entry gates

A-1 Fencing COVID-19 specific health and safety response is based on guidelines and recommendations by the Centers for Disease ControlOccupational Safety and Health Administration, and World Health Organization and construction industry sources. We will continue to develop good practices, take additional preventative steps, and seek global, national and regional health authority and industry guidance.

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