Types of Fences – A Shoppers Guide

A-1 Fencing knows that installing a fence around your property is an investment that can provide varying levels of privacy, security and aesthetic appeal. To determine which type of fence is right for your property, you must first identify which needs a reliable fence will satisfy. Though many homeowners simply choose to add a fence so that they can enjoy enhanced privacy or security, other private or commercial properties may require fencing that performs a specific function. We’ve gathered this list of twelve common fence types our customers use to fulfill their diverse needs.

A-1’s Guide to Fencing Types


Privacy fences are often installed on properties to lend enhanced security and stability that some other fencing types do not offer. Privacy fences can be installed at heights that substantially limit visibility into the property.

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Security fences are another commonly used fencing type that adds additional protection and defense to commercial or residential land that needs to deter people or animals from trespassing on the property. Businesses such as governmental organizations and large corporate campuses use security fencing to reinforce their property lines.


Though essentially any type of fencing around your perimeter can keep your dog contained in your yard, there are three important factors you should keep in mind: safety, durability and functionality. The best fencing to use for dogs will keep your pet safe, its material will be durable enough to handle scratching and its structure will prevent the dog from digging beneath, jumping above or climbing through the fence.

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Safety is the number one priority of a pool fence. These fences must meet strict safety codes so that they can protect the men, women and children using the pool at all times. Pool fences can be designed in decorative ways that complement the property’s aesthetic while complying with all safety codes.


Fencing used for gardens will ideally protect planted flowers, food and other greenery from human and animal intruders. Various designs can also complement the landscape aesthetic and lend the garden a beautiful backdrop.

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Not all fencing needs to be permanent. Temporary fencing can be placed in areas such as construction sites or work zones to provide protection and security without requiring permanent installation.


A simple fencing choice that adds a decorative touch to your property, picket fences are popular installations that can successfully create a defined property line. These are ideal for homeowners with small children and pets who want to add a limited amount of security to their yards.

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Board on Board

Strength, security and privacy are combined in these affordable and durable fences. Board on board fencing, also known as shadowbox fencing, is ideal for homeowners who wish to cut down on outside visibility and noise pollution.


A stockade fence is a traditional looking fence that complements the architectural style of many Maryland and DC homes. Low-cost and low-maintenance stockade fences maximize privacy and security for years to come.

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Split Rail

Split rail fencing is a cost-effective solution for landowners that desire defined property lines that don’t obstruct visibility. These fences can be installed virtually on any surface.


Paddock fencing is ideal for containing livestock and horses in an area that is visible yet secure.

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Estate fencing is best suited as a decorative perimeter around large areas of private land. Estate fencing can be used around the property lines of an estate that does not need to contain animals like horses.

A-1 Fencing can design and build reliable fencing that suits the needs of your Maryland or DC property. Call us today to learn more about our competitive prices and flexible financing options.